U-2 Lets start the Non Violent Uprising-2 to replace the Trump retro insurgence (Uprising-1)


Dear all,

As I announced before on these blog pages it is high time to make a start with a worldwide constructive revolt. Focus should be on bottom-up building local  self sustaining communities consisting of local citizens who are able to commit themselves to get things working. Not just talking and endless conferences and without violence.

  1. The P2PFoundation.net has in the past years explored and experimented with this idea in the form of local teams in “commons” or cooperatives. Read for instance their brilliant report, described in:  https://blog.p2pfoundation.net/value-in-the-commons-economy/2017/02/16   I will re-blog that description in my next blog.

These days the pressure is mounting to come up with an answer to the vast and very dangerous idea’s of Trumpism and the nationalist little Mussolini’s in other countries; which are bound to fail and will will grind to a halt in very violent disasters, see the blog before this one. 

2. A mindset very similar to that of the P2P Foundation was  described onSep 27, 2016 by:  Gunther Sonnenfeld  [ partner @ExileLeadership // advisory @faveeo @verizon @HolonEd // ex @k5_ventures // co-Creator of Smart Ecologies + next gen @insurgeintel // Ashkenazi + Ute]     with a group called EXILE who have defined “Smart Ecologies”


An Applied Blueprint for the Restoration of Democracy

At Exile, we have forged a new path aligning ecological, economic, journalistic and policy development. We see this synthesis as the future of a civic democracy.

From a certain perspective, the great gift to be gleaned from this current presidential race and subsequent election is to become very clear that thisexperiment in democracy unique to the United States and other western societies is in fact just that, an experiment.

The founding fathers of America were irrevocably influenced by Enlightenment values, particularly the principles of egalitarianism and rationality. They crafted this crazy experiment called democracy out of these principles, and over the last few centuries a whole host of elements have been added to the core axioms set forth in the Declaration of Independence and were then codified in the Constitution.

The history and agendas, however, behind the founding of America are not quite as romantic as some might think. Many times throughout the history of the United States it becomes apparent— much like we are seeing now — that the departure from monarchy has not directly translated into the adopted notions of civil freedom, or voting rights, or racial and gender equality.

As John Randolph of Roanoke once said: “I love liberty. I hate equality.”

Whereas in other eras this fact shows up as obvious — the massacre of native peoples, the enslavement of Africans, refusing women the vote, segregation and massive race inequality — in the present era the picture is not so clear. Yes, we can point to serious issues around wealth concentration, unchecked corporate power, inner-city poverty, and police brutality to name but a few.

But the real issue at the center of any viable democracy is choice; the ability to choose leadership and influence policy in a way that supports society and human beings at their very best.

This election cycle, perhaps more than any before, helps us to see how representative choice and the power of an informed electorate live on as ideals but have very little relationship to reality. We created this graphic to illustrate a situation that millions of citizens sense; the current democratic system provides little more than the illusion of choice. As a voter, one can cast a vote in favor of a party in service to the control over ideas, or cast a vote in favor of a party in service to the control over choices. ((The old -ism choices:))


This barren democratic landscape, of course, can easily seduce us into a state of apathy and resignation. But, if we keep in mind that democracy is an experiment of history, and we are creators of history, we know that something can be done.

The fundamental mistake, however, that people make when examining what is “wrong” with the system is to try and change, modify or improve upon it. Such a move is a grave error, and not in keeping with the energy and daring nature of the original founders. Further, it is actually pointless when you realize — per the graphic above — that party parity reveals a single, non-adaptive system.

Instead, the move today is to prototype an evolutionary step-change that does not try to correct anything. Looked at from the perspective of an evolutionary process, what we see is the experiment in American Democracy going through a necessary period of creative collapse.

One way to understand what is going on today is to look at what happened to science, particularly the realm of physics, in the middle of this last century. Scientists then were confronted with the collapse of the most basic and rudimentary laws of science, laws that had stood for centuries. In the face of new data and new perspectives leading scientists faced a choice: Ram the new data and perspectives into the old laws because the laws were sacrament, or let the new dissolve the solidity of the old. They chose the latter.

We are forced to make the same choice today when considering what our responsibilities are as citizens to this grand system of democracy. We can stubbornly hold on to the old laws that govern a liberal democracy, or we can create new ones that will support a true civic engagement model for democracy.

We are certain that in every measure, a civic engagement model is more coherent and closely aligned to this moment in history. In this writing we will lay it all out for you.

FOR FURTHER READING: https://medium.com/training-the-mind-to-see-new-horizons/an-applied-blueprint-for-the-restoration-of-democracy-7aa506d94347#.1fp28mi3w

Statement: “We (Exile) are not advocates of violence or uprisings. We support building & balanced action”


3. My guess is that the Pirate Parties have followed the Exile method of non-violent construction.


4. My advice is:  Do exactly the opposite of what the Trumpians & Bannons and Le Pens propose. For instance: instead of isolation,  make diversity into a force, by making TRANS-TRIBAL CONNECTIONS for Collaboration.the-split-1


Sure, the press loves to report acts of violence (attention meme) and the police often tries to provoke fighting to legitimize forceful macho militarized suppression. But do not fall into their traps. What they and their masters really fear most is DIS-OBEDIENCE. That is real peoples-power.

Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

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