Core principles of the Pirate Parties



The Pirate Parties are often accused of being a One-Issue movement: pro digital sharing of abundant online information in defense against the attacks of publishers interest. Well they are not. They are the real new PROGRESSIVES and digital natives.

piratewheel-2011-11-13 shows the issues that the pirate parties persue and how they are interconnected. No they do not simplify the complex and dynamic world we live in. Source is :   Yes, you can zoom in to this graph by downloading it from this link. And Yes, you can click the boxes and read what is the core philosophy behind that issue, and how it CONNECTS to the other issues.

You must have noticed that EMANCIPATION of the young digerati versus old men clinging to power and EMPOWERMENT are the motor of the whole Pirate Party movement !!!

Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

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