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SamenWerken Werkt !!! met ‘Darwin 3.0’ van Martin Nowak

Originally posted on broodjejaap:
Door schade en schande heb ik geleerd achterdochtig te zijn als wetenschappers alleen maar heel vriendelijk tegen je zijn als je ze spreekt. Achter je rug kunnen juist die aimabele lieden de meest vreselijke dingen over…

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The present Revolt 1 : Authoritarianism demanded by the insecure, U-1

There is a massive groundswell of popular political ¬†authoritarianism, even with fascist tendencies, all over the world: UKIP, Trump, Putin, Le Pen, Wilders, etc. While most of the surprised and baffled analysts and media concentrate on the Persons who are … Continue reading

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New Measure for Network Access Speed: “FLOW”= x v^ y Mbps with z:1 overbooking.

It gets more and more problematic to express price/ performance of mobile and fixed network access in figures that have significance, can be measured and compared in a meaningful way. It would go too far to compare this situation to … Continue reading

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