Invest in your future: read this book !


Crucial for understanding this Connected World is to know and recognize these six principles that are the basis for the huge success of networked organizations, social networks and the digital infrastructures which support the fast collaborative relations we can see doing the real work. This Princeton University Press book “The Power of Networks” (c) 2017 is available from Amazon in USA, UK and Germany in hard copy and Kindle versions.

Written by very experienced Princeton University teachers this popular technology book can even be understood by sociologists and legal types. I recommend this book for:

  • School children who are curious what knowledge is really valid for the 21st century and will improve their chances to get a job in value creation !!
  • Teachers and parents who want to know what is going on  and WHY.
  • Politicans who want to be able to understand the young digerati and the dynamics of networked society.

And “do not panic”, there are hardly any mathematical formula’s in this book. But the crux of many ‘need to know’ things is clearly explained.

Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

Two reviews:

“In a world in which it is increasingly difficult to live without a profoundly intimate relationship with digital networks–whether you like it or not–the material presented in this text could usefully form a universal part of public education. . . . To describe this book as a course in digital citizenship would not be to overstate its importance.”–John Gilbey, Times Higher Education

“As humans, we are ‘networked’ by nature. Our bodies are networked from head to toe by the most sophisticated network that exists, and the value of networking was even understood by our ancestors as they began to network in order to hunt more efficiently. The Power of Networks explains how six basic networking principles connect our lives almost as an extension of our primordial instincts–but in more advanced ways than our ancestors could have imagined. It is an absolutely intriguing book.”–Helder Antunes, Senior Director, Cisco’s Corporate Strategic Innovations Group, and Chairman, OpenFog Consortium

PS. An online MOOC +App about this is offered by Princeton University, but according to responses it is still under construction (some of the lectures are missing): this material is covered in a free course, offered online through Coursera. Here’s the link:

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