Must-see Lecture of Carlota Perez about the Cause for Anger of Voters and What to Do


Carlota Perez, professor in London, explains in this video why the people, afraid of the consequences of the ICT revolution, vote(d) for alternatives that promise(d) to go back to the glorious 50s, the previous technological cycle.

The most surprising is her conclusion: after the current phase of shock, we still have in front of us a period of deep economic and social transformations, where ICT as a General Purpose Technology can really benefit the majority of the population. But many economic, social and political innovations & CHANGES at the same time will be needed to create value, wealth and jobs again.

She has published lists of those changes years before the Bubble Crash of 2008. Here they are: (sheets shown with permission of Carlota Perez)








(!) One of the key issues for governments is to promote and guide the rollout of a worldclass OPEN DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE for high  quality network access by civilians and companies and institutions. For Communication between them  and Collaboration.

Yes, also in inner cities and rural area’s.

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  1. Carlo U. says:

    thank you for this post!
    I would like to cite the first figure in a paper, could you kindly help me out with the original file in better quality?
    Best, Carlo

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