The “HyperNormalisation” Documentary 2016

Assad 294 by 294

  1. This is the link to a very stunning documentary by Adam Curtis broadcasted on the BBC. It can be seen within the UK  (when clicking on the link for this broadcast I get the message “iPlayer only works in the UK, due to rights issues”)

For access outside the UK it is available on Youtube, although in parts that open sequentially and with the sound channel fading away now and then:   dated October 19, 2016.


2. From this must-see film by the journalist Adam Curtis you get a pattern of worldwide powergames including wars that may be a history lesson from about 1974 until now. and it shows what is happening right now in “perception manipulation and lies” (including what mr. Trump did)  by the most powerful politician and leaders. I hope we survive the upcoming instabilities…….

I leave the interpretation to you since I have confidence in your personal judgement. Warning: this is not a film from the entertainment industry for your amusement. The killing shown is real.

3. The message I extract from this terrible story is that our leadership in governments seem not able to cope with the infinite complexity of Reality anymore. So they construct a partial and simplified model of it which is fed into our consciousness by many media channels and filtered social media that confirm our (their) assumptions. In that way they can control society. In our best interests for sure. The downside of this is that the simplifying (streamlining} of Reality costs lives and destroys diversity & innovation.

4. All the more urgent is to find and together construct a future in which each of us not only can be a “star performer” (individual of the ME-generation) but also is respected and valued for his/her contributions to the community and be part of something bigger than him/herself. I will continue publishing about such constructive “people clusterings” (P2P commons interconnected into a collective intelligence with distributed authority)  on these blog pages. Collaboration is the key.


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