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Paul Mason delivered this Keynote at Barcelona Initiative for Technological SovereigntyCCCB, 7 October 2016: The idea of postcapitalism consists of two hypotheses, about the unique effects of information technology (ICT). First, that information technology is preventing the normal adaptation process, whereby capitalism—as a complex system—reacts to crisis, to the exhaustion of old business models, to the low…

via Postcapitalism and the city — P2P Foundation


This is important. It shows the way ahead in several different aspects, touched on by this blog page before. For instance:

  • About the Commons / Cooperatives as the third pole in the Trias Internetica
  • Collaboration between unique contributors (trans-tribal) as the strongest network effect
  • Infrastructures / neutral platform layers
  • Smart cities as components of the New Europe
  • #Corridoria as a string of connected smart mega-poli
  • Zero marginal cost scenario’s
  • Complexity problems and models
  • The urgency of P2P bandwidth availability
  1. A conference about this cluster of issues was held September 2-3 in Amsterdam :  “Peer Value” – A Global Commons Conference exploring decentralized architectures and platforms, sustainable manufacturing, open value accounting and value creation in commons based peer-to-peer (P2P) production.

2. Paul Mason did give a lecture in Amsterdam on October 25 in De Balie in Amsterdam :

The text of this lecture including his sheets is here:

The video made during this lecture is here:

PS: Enabling value creation and job creation by collaboration must be a political priority, see:


Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

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