Experiences with Communes: The Communard Manifesto

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Getting a P2P Commune set up and really functioning and successful is not simple. Ego’s can collide and often sharks appear in the midst of hard working volunteer dolphins. David de Ugarte and his friends tell about what they learned and the do’s and don’ts of collaboration and co-creation at the right scale.


El Correo de las Indias

Creando Abundancia desde 2002

Grupo de Cooperativas de las Indias

The Communard Manifesto

The Communitarian Manifesto

Richard StallmanI think we might eventually reach a society of abundance. I hope we do.
Richard Stallman, FSF

Michel BauwensLas Indias and other like them, will profoundly change the structure of our world. True constructive revolutionaries like them are a treasure for humanity.
Michel Bauwens, P2P Foundation

Natalia FernándezYou are the protagonist of this Manifesto. You can be part of a growing movement and build here and now, a meaningful life and a different world .
Natalia Fernández, las Indias

Download it, read it, share it

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María RodriguezThe Communard Manifesto is the result of a collaborative process. It started with an 8.000 words proposal by las Indias. Open discussion -both live and on line- doubled its length and pulished its style. Then volunteers from three different continents started to translate it to Catalan, Portuguese, French, German and English.
María Rodríguez, las Indias

Other languages already avaible

manifiesto-comunero manifest-comuner

Other books in English by las Indias

The Book of Abundance

El Correo de las Indias es el blog colectivo de los indianos
F-83409656 (Sociedad de las Indias Electrónicas S. Coop.)
F-85220861 (El Arte de las Cosas S.Coop.)
F-95712659 (Enkidu S.Coop.Pequeña)
G-84082569 (Las Indias Club)



See: https://lasindias.com/the-communard-manifesto

And read the latest discussions on  https://english.lasindias.com/

Twitter: @lasindias


I will soon publish my own guidelines for “P2P Communes organized around a Commons”.

jaap van till, TheConnectivist



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