‘The Institute of Network Architects’ has been Established

Tillevision Model

1. Today, April 7, 2016, I have the honor and the pleasure to announce that ‘The Institute of Network Architects’ has been establised.  Domain name : instituteofnetworkarchitects

The mission of this Institute is to let its members (by invitation only) review new designs and procurement/installation/operation plans for large and complex corporate and gov’t networks; with the objective to safeguard and improve the feasibility and quality of the ICT-network architecture vital for organizations in the long term. 

The members must be very experienced network architects with a succesful track record for problem articulation at the demand side and  who are independent of any supply side equipment company or network service provider. 

2. During such a review (for which a specific network architect of this Institute  is hired) the following issues must be closely studied:

a. Are the strategic & tactical objectives and priorities of the director(s) of the organization for this architecture & network design clearly articulated and acknowledged ?

  • Are the specific business processes to be supported known and specified?
  • Is the organization already “digitized” and prepared to be “network centered” and connected with partners in value chains?
  • Are other big changes planned at the same time like relocation, reorganizations and or mergers?
  • Is the inventory of networks in operation made and must (parts ) those be included in the new architecture and network management?
  • What is the budget for the project and personell & equipment, time scale?

b. Have the functional requirements and boundary conditions been specified and is there consensus in all segments of the organization about these.

  • latency?
  • security, privacy, business Intellectual Property of R&D?
  • MTBF, MTTR specs?
  • resilience, availability?
  • has a search for the SPOFS been done?
  • budgets ?

c. Is network management (including fault management, performance management, accounting and billing) embedded in the architecture ?

d. Has the management and operations/ outsourced of the new network be assigned in advance or will a silent power-struggle take place during the project?

e. Is the design future proof in the sense of stable structures in which components can be replaced / updated (see the horizontally layered reference model = Tillevision Model). can it cope with huge and sudden digital volume transport growth ?

f. Is the procurement process specified? Preferred suppliers for certain functions?

g. etc. etc.


3. The network architects hired for the reviews are excluded from performing a ‘better network design’, which would mean replacing the networkdesigner which design they have reviewed. The review is meant to help the design team improve the RFP documents and if requested to do so, help in the procurement process on the side of the demander.

So “The Institute of Network Architects” is not aimed at building up a list of chartered network architects, but a level higher : a list of those who can JUDGE and help improve the Network Architects and their work and more firmly anchor their design in the organizations and businesses of their clients.

4. The network architects that have been approached and are available for mentioned reviews will be posted here. I expect that only a few per country are able to do this complex work – a combination of business, up to date technology and machiavelli skills; and the vision & creativity to design structures that can last longer than their components.

You are invited to bring names of able candidates to my attention by Email  vantill (at) gmail

Jaap van Till, chairman of The Institute

[ this blog is still under construction ]


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2 Responses to ‘The Institute of Network Architects’ has been Established

  1. kwalitisme says:

    Good initiative 🙂

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