My Lectures in Hungary, April 25 and 26, 2016


I was invited to give the following lectures and discussions about Knowledge Infrastructures.

Here you can download the sheets I used : Koszag JvT sheets4


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Jaap van Till:

” Transitions”  – Some complex structures suddenly collapse and others burst into life !

Can we help to construct and launch Enlightenment 2.0 ?! –

Introduction by visiting professor Jaap van Till, followed by co-creative discussions with the participants.


Day 1, Kőszeg, Monday afternoon 14:00- 17:00 April 25 2016:

Profound global transformations, effects of ICT, robotics, automation. Shifts in scarcity and abundance. Sustainability. Transitions from old to new structures. Learning curves. What are the drivers behind/ below the symptoms? [Complexity, non-linearity, dynamics] vs control & power. Ashby’s Law. Why are hierarchies past the expiration date. Relevant knowledge? Can we go back to damals? Managers? Nation States? Corporations? Universities vs Open Science? Emancipation of the creative class. What is collapsing and why? No more utopias please.

Day 2 Kőszeg, Tuesday morning 9:00- 12:00 April 26 2016 :

The Trias Internetica. Civil society and the new power of sharing volunteers. The Telescope metaphore. Freelance workers do cooperate & coordinate. Networked groups of specialists with unique contributions. The four network effects. Fast learning cooperatives with short reaction time. Weavelets, “Networkers”, chaperones, btwieners. The Corridoria chain of booming city areas. Trans-tribal collaboration to solve problems and create value. Resilience. Diversity. Architectural guidelines with agnostic layers. Exponential growth. Orthogonal transform structures; correlation and collective intelligence actions with distributed authority. Does it scale up? In what direction do we want society to go? What are the main obstacles? Liebig Law. Nowak’s third law of evolution. Global brain: is it 1010 of us, wired?

Liberty Ladies

Jaap baron van Till is a leading-edge ‘network architect’ in the ICT technical-economic sense and a ‘connectivist’ in the scientific-social-community sense, while looking ahead at general interests for the civil society. Jaap seeks to inspire and help young people to recognize constructive patterns. His recent publications are available at





The Place: Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK), Kőszeg, Chernel st. 14, Hungary

The seminars are not exclusive, we welcome everybody that is interested.





jaap van till, TheConnectivist

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