Fixed Link Digital Infrastucture in The Netherlands


Digitale Infra vergelijking

Optical fiber leased lines for corporate networks and the booming SME ventures are available rather well and at reasonable prices, as compared to the situation in other countries around us.  Nevertheless the availability of dark fibers for IRU use is deminishing due to the rapid growth in demand for datalink capacity. Demand of fixed links for mobile data infrastructures and for outsourcing of ICT to cloud services in serverfarms are the main bandwidth capacity hogs. 

Here is a recent report compiled by Hans van der Stappen of the OOSTnv East Netherlands Development Agency  which shows that there are worries that due to stalling investments in for instance FttPremises rollout we may loose our advantages for companies choosing to settle here, which may mean they move to other countries.

Can we CONTINUE to improve our position as Gateway to Europe and continue to attract others to come and net-work over here??

You can download the report from here: Ontwikkeling telecom vaste ICT-infrastructuur in Nederland 

Yes, our Minister of Economic Affairs (NL ministry of trade) is aware of this problem, because it was brought to his attention and and of his officials by DINL (Foundation to improve the digital infrastructure) in our country. The ministry announced to will publish plans to work on this problem in consultation with our Parliament.

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