‘Project Dèmos’ Community Support Platform was Softlaunched

project demos

  1. On Saturday March 19th in Amsterdam Steyn Foorthuis and Roman van Ree and their crew have soft-launched the Community Support Platform ‘Project Dèmos’ – an open source software. It is aimed at P2P groups of volunteers co-creating and co-laborating around a shared issue or subject, each contributing from their own proven special skill.  This team has constructed the last 3 years the Concept Structure and will now start to built parts of the platform, including blockchain trust ledger software. 

Demos project launch











More info including a teaser video and introductory film can be found on: https://www.projectdemos.net/

2. ========================================What is it==========

Project Dèmos (demos meaning people) is about freedom and empowerment through technology. We know there is a much more efficient way to communicate, organize, and co-create on a worldwide basis, and therefore believe the time has come to update societal organization to contemporary possibilities.


The Dèmos community works to create an all-encompassing, transparent, and user-friendly platform, for efficient communication, cooperation, and co-creation. We strive to empower people to be able to contribute peacefully, and proactively to societal transformation, in the comfort of a safe online environment, with the look and feel of a game.

The Dèmos Platform combines communication and social networking, problem-solution management and co-creation, grassroots organization (which is natural and spontaneous bottom-up organization), upward control (which is the influence an individual has on public discourse), engagement characters, delegation, and economics into one single interface.

 ================================== more info: on their site=================
3. Other (concept) videos and an interview with Vinay Gupta can be viewed  at www.youtube.com/projectdemostv  The introduction Video show on March 19 is now updated and will be posted online asap.

4. In the Trias Internetica such tools are essential to develop the new power of the Civil Society of empowered civilians, as distinct from Business Ventures and the Nation State, and help to organize their work and activities for the community.


5. Most important step for the team is to get a number of wizz kids aboard to start building from the design and get Crowdfunding started to pay the bills. So I suggest you support Project Démos as a participant / specialist and or help them fund further development and rapid learning  by doing 🙂

jaap van till, TheConnectivist and candidate librarian of Guptastan (Happy Hexayurts in the desert)

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