Festivalization: a New Industry In The Making


My guru and friend the visionary Luc Sala has written a new book. This time about Events and Festivals and what drives these very successful gatherings of the young and energetic.

Especially in The Netherlands ( in and around Amsterdam) all of summer such festivals happen and organized, not only around music and DJ’s ( a real significant NL export article) but around a wide variety of interests. Sure, “Burning Man” and “Glastonbury Festival” are icons in this new tradition and industry, but other festivals are “must go” too in the minds of many. Permanent or temporary autonomous zones for (multi) tribes , including heavy duty telecom infrastructures, like with the @FireChatApp , are what its about. You can download the book:  festivalization9mrt here. 


Luc Sala and his team are very interested to get your reactions and suggestions on this book. Please send them to:   MindfliftTV  (at)   gmail.com  or even better:   sala (at) dealerinfo (dot) nl 

Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist and tribal firemaster


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