Views on IoT in 1979, no. 1 of 3

Myth 1

Found on our attic, partly eaten away by bookworms (!!?): three drawings called “Computer Myths Explained“, of a series of 8, I bought from Creative Computing in 1979, by the famous Monte Wolverton, see Wikipedia and his website:

This is no.1 : Myth = Home Computer Housekeeper

” Home Computers free you from the household chores by doing home cleaning, change diapers, clean dust, do the dishes, etc. etc. ”

Things in the home will at last start to interconnect in 2016 and will cooperate (with us too, I hope, but it will still take a while to be useful. We need a neutral ‘Inhouse Internet Infrastructure’ first. That means NOT verticaly integrated from suppier/app down to links. That would lock us in and will be obsolete in no time. My guess is that communication infrastructure will be built by using combinations of indoor Wi-Fi and electricity power cables with at least 2 plastic optical fibers in it, to hauled through the present inhouse yellow plastic pipes. Indoor Ti-Fi light links (my invention) will appear later.

jaap van till, TheConnectivist


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One Response to Views on IoT in 1979, no. 1 of 3

  1. kwalitisme says:

    Why not used indoor Li-Fi? And a Li-Fi gateway that let’s us have our own private home network that cannot be accessed from the outside world. Li-Fi devices that doesn’t run on IP (layer 3 and lower) but uses an own address structure and MAC protocols where the gateway is the place for mapping outside connections to the internal address (for remote control by the household owners). Lights are everywhere, so we don’t need to change cabling. And by using a different address structure we know for sure they cannot communicate with WiFi components.

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