The Crown of Freedom, Celebration of Life and Light


(updated and awarded April 21, 2019)

November 14, 2015. I did buy this work of art. Seven rays of light emanating from her crown shown above, just like the Statue of Lady Liberty crown, see:


I dedicate it to all men and women in the world who are brave enough to disobey controlaholic tyrants. I hope it will inspire and energize you !

As reaction to the darkness of #Paris attacks, let us celebrate LIFE with Light and Freedom.

Latest News Easter Day April 21, 2019 :  I have decided to award this Crown to Lady CAROLE CADWALLADR journalist from Wales, for her unrelenting and successfull efforts to find and publish about what was done to manipulate the minds of the general public with the help of social media and marketing tools in the hands of malicious men and women. Watch her expressing this brave effort in her recent Ted Talk:

Another view of this “Crown Of Freedom” :

Kroon 2

jaap van till, TheConnectivist

= Crown designed and sculpted by artist Ilse ten Broeke, Maskarada – Masks & More  (photo: Dageraad fotografie) =

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