1994 Vintage Internet: the Yellow Pages

Yellow pages int

In my personal library: a copy of the Internet Yellow Pages. Published in 1994. I can not recall ever having used it, although I then must have thought I could probably not do without it. :-))

With very much effort the 10,000 addresses of the then total Internet then was sorted into interesting subjects and published in a BOOK !

Hard to imagine now that they then thought in terms of something like a phonebook for internet, well WWW. Most of the addresses are American research and education groups with .EDU addresses. Very few .COM adresses yet. Further a fair number of European Internet addresses and subjects. Also groups of scientists doing interesting things most of them.

Vinton Cerf, then at MCI, wrote the introduction.

Search engines like Google and Baidu now perform this subject search help and much much more online on the Internet itself.

Maybe in 20 years time our childrens-children will find this hard that to believe: “WTF was a Google Search ??

The following cartoon does point in that direction that ways of using the Net are changing. And we have to learn to unlearn & learn fast.


Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

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2 Responses to 1994 Vintage Internet: the Yellow Pages

  1. Dawn Dewing says:

    Need info from phone book. Wish could look at this.

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