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Jaap van Till is a CONNECTIVIST, who specializes in designing disruptive technology network architecture and infrastructure for improving P2P cooperation between people and collaboration across networks. He writes about the emerging forces of social media driven by smart phones, tablets and the growth of Fiber-to-the-Home, and new mobile data access technologies. Powerful stuff for the emerging CONNECTION ECONOMY.

1. Jaap van Till’s mission is: to help P2P Empower the Creative Class

Jaap is Advisor to the “Adopt A Teacher” Project in Bandung which has a mission to help improve basic education in Indonesia, by empowering teachers first. See   https://www.facebook.com/adoptateacher1?ref=profile or (NL language)  http://www.eduport.asia/adoptateacher You can help a lot by donating for this basic education improvement project at http://fnd.us/c/410EZ4

2. Some background:

His essay on The Power of Flocking http://www.scienceguide.nl/200907/technologies-of-flocking-.aspx has been widely discussed on the Internet.  Van Till has consulted successfully on using innovative technologies to rethink worldwide networks for Education and Research (NREN’s) as well as huge private company networks, as partner at Stratix Consultants (NL). His consultancy work centres around explaining technology to managers and explaining objectives to network specialists. The canyon between geeks and managers is still wide and deep. Van Till served as Professor for Corporate Networks and Internet Infrastructure at Delft University (NL) and  Internet Infrastructure Professor at the HAN Polytechnic in Arnhem (NL). His inventions include “Tillegraaf ” baseband modems and “Plector” local multiplexers. Weaving broadband networks between people to work together and create value in the Connection Economy.

3. You can consult with him:

Jaap van Till can be reached at:   vantill   (at)  gmail   (dot)   com     and most of his recent blogs are at TheConnectivist.wordpress.com

4. What drives him:

Two essays which long before 2008 forcasted that major transitions where ahead that would bring a deep recession. Some things would suddenly stop and other things would suddenly start to grow totally unexpected. AND they explained what must be done to get out of the structural resssion. These are the exponential and viral things Jaap van Till and others try to get fired up. These two essays are: a. http://www.johnseelybrown.com/bigshiftwhyitmatters.pdf b. http://www.carlotaperez.org/pubs?s=tf&l=en&a=technologicalrevolutionsandfinancialcapital

5. Where

Jaap is located in The Netherlands, Europe

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