How a Toronto professor’s research revolutionized artificial intelligence

Weavelet sheet

Great ! At last multi layer neural networks for pattern recognition and image correlation is breaking through.

And maybe we can at last learn more about how our mind works (most of that is still a mystery). IMHO we can stay way ahead of machine learning ever overtaking human learning, if we can harness this knowledge to networked GROUP learning and cooperation, by interconnecting people in a neural network structure. A weavelet as shown above, yielding collective intelligence !

Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

Collective Intelligence

Artificial intelligence research using neural networks has taken off, with a $400-million boost from Google, in part thanks to Canadian Geoffrey Hinton.

Three summers ago, at the age of 64, Geoffrey Hinton left his home in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood to become an intern at Google. He received a propeller beanie stitched with the word “Noogler” and attended orientation sessions populated mostly by millennials, who seemed to regard him, in his words, as a “geriatric imbecile.”


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