(NP4) BitTorrent BLEEP: Websites Hosted in the CROWD, not the Cloud


 ((update May 14, 2015 with article from The Inquirer))


====From The Inquirer==========

BitTorrent Bleep takes on Hangouts, Skype, Snapchat and the NSA all at once

Anonymous chat without the cloud
Wed May 13 2015, 08:55

BITTORRENT BLEEP, the serverless messenger service from BitTorrent, has been given a full launch and some new features.

BitTorrent Bleep, codenamed Maelstrom, started as an alpha in September 2014offering an anonymous service which uses a key as an identifier along with a nickname, but gathers no personal data. There is still the option to add details and join a directory, and even import contacts, but the big difference is that none of this is mandatory.

In addition, because the data travels without a central server, there is no way of intercepting or recording the chat, except on local machines which provide all the encryption and decryption. As such, as well as offering an alternative to Skype and Hangouts, it can also act as a safer version of apps like Snapchat, because interception is impossible.

BitTorrent Bleep is now available on iOS

New in the finished build is the option to “Whisper”, which automatically deletes all records part of a conversation 25 seconds after it has been viewed.

All it takes is hitting an extra key (Alt in the case of Windows) when you hit enter – so you can whisper and speak in the same conversation. Even if a screenshot is taken it doesn’t matter as during Whispers, only the nickname or the content appear – never both at the same time.

Head of Product at BitTorrent Bleep Farid Fadaie, said: “We’ve been listening. Listening to our community’s feedback as well as the dialogue that has been taking place around privacy, data-collection, and the social cost of technology bringing us closer together.

“We’ve decided that one of those costs should not be your identity. And by identity, we don’t just mean your personal details, but also what you choose to say and how you say it.”

As well as Windows, Mac and Android, the app is now available on iOS for the first time, bringing it to a much wider audience of dinkle-pic fans. Plus, peer-to-peer voice calling is included free of charge too.

Initially instances will use a separate login, but in future versions you will be able to keep an identity across all your devices and sync conversations. If you want to share your identity with someone face-to-face, you can pair via a QR code within the app, or a private key can be sent over e-mail. Otherwise, if you want to, you can remain in the shadows.

BitTorrent has been working hard over the past two years to break away from its image as an instrument of piracy. It now offers a number of services including legal downloads and a folder syncing service, Bit Torrent Sync which bypasses the cloud to share data.

The service is available worldwide now from www.bleep.pm.

====== end of article in The Inquirer==============================

================== below is what I posted in January ===============

Project Maelstrom: Another fine example of “New Power” where users and their computers/ smartphones flock together (#Synthecracy)  to organize something bigger and with synergy, than just the sum of its parts. A real P2P commons where value is a result of abilities of contributors multiplied ( Van Till’s Law networking effect: N ! ).

The new structure which runs with the Maelstrom Browser is developed by the same people that developed BitTorrent and is described in the MIT Tech Review (  on Twitter ). See the article “BitTorrent Tests Websites Hosted in the Crowd, Not the Cloud”  

More about Project Maelstrom : http://blog.bittorrent.com/2014/12/10/project-maelstrom-the-internet-we-build-next/

They are now testing the Maelstrom browser from which you can access “the People Powered Web

Very important for the future Internet, without servers !!!

jaap van till , theConnectivist

UPDATE April 10, 2015: BitTorrent has launched beta versions and code tools to developers:

=======================From NU.nl ==============================

Door Yoeri Nijs, vrijdag 10 april 2015 20:41, 37 reacties, 13.012 views •

BitTorrent heeft vrijdag de eerste open bèta vrijgegeven van een decentrale browser op basis van het gelijknamige protocol. De browser, Project Maelstrom, werkt voorlopig alleen op Windows. Mac- en Linux-versies zitten in de pijplijn.

BitTorrent, het bedrijf achter het gelijknamige protocol en de μTorrent-client, kondigde de decentrale browser in december aan. De ontwikkelaars willen met de nieuwe browser een ‘nieuw internet’ opbouwen en een alternatief voor http vormen.

BitTorrent heeft naar eigen zeggen circa 10.000 ontwikkelaars achter zich na de aankondiging in december. Daar komen nog eens 3.500 uitgevers bij, die onderzoeken hoe ze van dit ‘nieuwe internet’ gebruik kunnen maken. Onder de belangstellenden scharen zich verder technici, academici en onderzoekers, aldus het bedrijf in een blogpost.

Behalve het vrijgeven van de eerste testversie, heeft BitTorrent ook tools voor ontwikkelaars gepubliceerd. Op die manier kunnen zij gebruik maken van de technologie achter de browser. Eén van de tools is een Python-script dat statische webbestanden omzet in geoptimaliseerde torrents. Dat script is verschenen op GitHub.


Maelstrom 2

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