(NP1) “New Power” on the Rise: User Side Synthecracy !!! (Jan. 2)

New Power ((updated Febr. 11 2015)) There is something changing in our society. Citizens no longer want to be only passive consumers of things that are manufactured and produced for them to mass consume. They start to design and “pro-sume” things for themselves and for each other. And they start to share and re-use second-hand items , music and films. This empowered consumer-upheaval is explained in the following must-see video on Youtube  http://on.ted.com/r0LG3 And the makers of this video have published a landmark must read article about this “New Power” in The Harvard Business Review (HBR):  Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms : https://hbr.org/2014/12/understanding-new-power New power diagram This empowered and connected civilians movement I called ‘Synthecracy’ is huge !! Even those with industrial producer-consumer mindsets must have noticed it by now. The demand side is clustering and is getting organized. It consists of FLOWS that are channeled. The main characteristics of New Power are: [mass participation, co-creating, sharing and shaping]  AND [peer coordination, decentralised peer-directing]. And this brings about the development of new sets of values and rules of P2P engagement.   Why am I so enthousiastic about this article? Because it puts into words what I have been telling folks in bits and pieces what I extracted as patterns from the chaos in and around Internet and social media. A new economic/social/political power ecology is forming in the worldwide society: Synthecracy. This New Power is based on [mass participation & p2p coordination].     For me the main message of this ecology is: Yes, men& women are not only motivated by personal greed and massconsumption , but also by group sympathy and shared constructive co-operation & co-laboration, And yes, they are flocking in mass ‘flows’, and openly combine, put things together from different crafts, cultures, knowledge disciplines, specialisms, P2P Phyles. And by synergy create new wealth and jobs. Across borders and fences.     Purely electro-mechanical things you can understand by taking them apart and study the working of its components. The new ICT supported systems and networks exhibit synergy, collective intelligence and emergent behaviour which can not be understood from studying its components. And taking these systems apart makes that synergy disappear and die. As prof. Carlota Perez has explained in her book (2002, long before the crash of 2008) and publications, we have to put together companies, society and politics quite differently if we want to get out of the recession/crash. IMHO the P2P New Power systems of Synthecracy show us how to make the transition.       The concept of Synthecracy was introduced by me years ago and often presented at business school courses and lectures. It is the new constructive combination of State, Business and Civil Society forces and activities as depicted in the Trias Internetica : TriasInternetica I have explained this diagram in an earlier blogpost: https://theconnectivist.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/transition-from-crisis-1-the-digitized-civil-society-as-a-force/  and in other publications. And, ah yes, this wired collective intelligence “P2P power” is starting to worry old power nation state dictators and those who dream of going back to the 1970-80’s. The flow of this river can not be bent back, however hard and violent the old men try. And however hard nationalistic political parties like UKIP and Front National try. Power of people New Power cooperation makes fences, nationalism, old fashioned national borders and national laws and sovereignty irrelevant. Just compare the number of inhabitants of old and new “countries”: Landen naar inwonertal Number 4 Tencent is China’s largest Internet Portal. The following diagram shows the HUGE amounts of traffic on Internet Potals PER MINUTE: each minute In this diagram are the huge Chinese, Indian or South American shared user portals not even mentioned. Don’t look back all the time, look forward. Synthecracy is our future!! Based on the arguments described above I have the honor and the pleasure to establish today (February 11, 2015) “The New Power by Synthecracy Movement“; constructive, non violent and aimed at promoting user side flocking. This movement will start communicating soon with website synthecracy.org and if you want to reach us sooner you can mail me at   vantill  (at) gmail  (dot) com Jaap van Till, theConnectivist

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6 Responses to (NP1) “New Power” on the Rise: User Side Synthecracy !!! (Jan. 2)

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  3. Rollie Cole says:

    While I do not disagree with much that is said above, I think it “over-explains” the US President’s remarks and the votes by localities in the US state of Colorado and elsewhere. Regardless of our “prosumer” tendencies, I think a number of people have figured out that high-speed broadband is good for them (for both pure consumption and mixed production reasons), AND that existing Internet providers are not offering it. I was just told today that I need not upgrade from Albuquerque New Mexico Comcast’s 50/10 to its 105/20 — I do not “need” it. Right now, it would be an extra $50/month over the $65/month I am already paying, so I agreed to defer for now. (I note that Time-Warner in Austin, facing competition from AT&T and Google Fiber, sells me right now 300/20 for the same roughly $65/month without any effort to talk me out of it.)
    In many places, “the cat is out of the bag,” and I suspect incumbents will lead, follow, or be pushed out of the way. In Austin, Time-Warner and AT&T are following; the pressure is just starting to hit Comcast in Albuquerque.

    Rollie Cole, prosumer in Austin TX and Albuquerque NM

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