“Resistance to Change” Equation Discovered !!

Resistance to change














This formula is probably not really correct for mathematicians, but the message is clear: Large organizations have difficulty to change and innovate. And especially those with many layers of “managers” just operate according to trusted recipes, however outdated.

These old dinosaurs not only resist change but sometimes they even get nasty to fight back innovation by insisting that others around them stay obedient to them and their “old old power rule”. Example is the UK gov’t, who still think that the British Empire (RIP) can be re-installed with the surveillance power of their GCHQ. And another example is the Kremlin military-intelligence elite, formally presided by Vladimir Putin, who see their power shrinking and therefore try to enforce an energy-military dictatorship on the former USSR countries around them. The Russians seriously think they can re-start the USSR Empire (RIP) and blame the cruel external forces for its demise in 1991 etc. NO it collapsed internally because it did not work.

The hierarchical power piramides of these organizations and nation states not only resist change they can not control but even try to make retro UTurns to go back to their mostly imagined days of former glory. Gone forever I fear for them.

Jaap van Till, connectivist

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