L2 My lecture about helping startups at City of Gold Coast QLD Australia

lez 2 Wotso

Here you can download the slides:  Lecture 2 City Gold Coast JvTill4f

I launched the slogans ” Sharing is the new Having” and “To Share is to Multiply“. And the new word “Btwiener” which means a person who can connect between several tribes and is respected there so the btwiener can recommend people to do things. A kind of Gandalf person 🙂   I hope that Counceler  Cr Glenn Tozer of the City of Gold Coast will become a btwiener too, a go-between all the different young tribes in the City

Jaap van Till connectivist and #btwiener

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2 Responses to L2 My lecture about helping startups at City of Gold Coast QLD Australia

  1. Frank says:

    I feel some compassion for your audience. In 30 minutes such a load of information.
    But there are some really beautiful gems to be found. I would like to hear this lecture.

    • broodjejaap says:

      Well, invite me !!
      In fact I did speak about an hour and we had a lively discussion
      It has some overlap with the three (total=4!) lectures I gave the same
      week in Australia for the OSDC2014 conference, some of which have been recorded on video.
      When the video’s become avialable I will post the links on
      the respective blog pages of this weblog.

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