C5 “Alphabets of Life”: great book about our common cultural roots

Kim plaatje1. I recommend you read this amazing book about alphabet characters and languages by genius librarian Kim Veltman :
http://www.alphabetsoflife.com/   charting the common roots of our culture. Characters are components of languages which Dr. Veltman, director of the Virtual McLuhan Institute in Maastricht, collected during years of research the basic alphabets and their cosmologies from the Shamans, China, India, Central Asia, The Middle East, Greece and Europe. Yes we have common roots and similar belief systems!
Steen der wijzen
I am sorry can not post the book PDF here, but you can buy different depth versions of it from the above link.
It also gives a chart of the family tree of languages and how they spread evolved by migration.
alfabet voorbeeld
2. A summary of the book:

Alphabets of Life by Kim H. Veltman

History links a tower in Babylon with the rise of 72 sacred alphabets in 72 countries. There is also a pre-history that includes Russia, China, India, Persia and Middle Asia. Initially, marks and signs symbolizing words and ideas led to secret, cryptic alphabets used for magic and control. Sanskrit introduced several models linking sounds in the mouth (phonology) with principles of creation (tattvas), movements of breath (yoga) and movements of the body (martial arts). This led to matrices for runes and letters, which were then aligned with space (cosmology) and time (chronology). As it spread eastwards, Sanskrit served as a model for Burmese, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and Philippine alphabets.

Its westward spead entailed three main paths. One was by sea (spice routes). This explains why early Indian alphabets have the same letters as the first Egyptian alphabets and the alphabets of King Solomon. Another was via silk roads and nomadic tribes such as the Scythians, Sarmatians and Alans. Here, the Caucasus and Pontic Steppe around the Black Sea played an important role in the rise of Slavic, Germanic and Runic alphabets. A third was via the settled empires of Persia and Babylon, which favoured a more compact form, linking 22 letters to the cosmos, namely, to 3 worlds, 7 planets, and 12 zodiac signs. This model came to Europe via the Holy Land, and the Mediterranean. The cosmic dimension of alphabets is reflected in number symbolism (gematria, alchemy), geometrical patterns, games, our stories and systems of the skies, in signs and seals, weaving and decoration. Alphabets of Life shows how the marks and letters we use for communciation in everyday life, began with a quest to understand and communicate the miracle of life itself.

Alphabets of Life is available in three versions:

General Reader’s Edition – 567 pp.
Scholars Edition Text (Vol 1)  – 990 pp.
Scholars Edition Appendices (Vol 2) – 943 pp
For more information and to order please see the Alphabets of Life Home Page.
3. Here is a review on the book by Franz Nahrada:
[ Thank you Kim. An amazing and bold approach, which looks to me also like a great sign of life of your visionary strength concerning technology and the media. I love this:

The Internet is in danger of becoming one current version –  representing only one global village (cf. one country, political party, religion). We need a model that allows us to compare historically different countries, parties, religions: a myriad villages, globally connected, reflecting minorities, alternative views and individuals.

In fact, this is part of the blueprint for a new civilisation. And indeed villages will be the centerpiece.]

To which I can add: …and strings of very diverse and unique city-area’s connected, like Corridoria.


Jaap van Till, Connectivist
PS A speeded up 5 minute animation of migration by the Creative Class (intellectuals, designers and artists) in later centuries is shown in   Nice to see the channels of moving ants develop, ie. the American east-west railways.  That community of moving creative class members also will happen along the Corridoria trail !!
Maybe it is a good idea to ask Dr.Veltman to help the Google-assisted team construct an animation about earlier migrations based his findings in the Alphabets of Life book ??
Version August 11, 2014,   PS2 and 3  added April 25, 2019
PS2. Introductory Video about “Alphabets of Life”:
PS3. On Twitter the famous @ResonanceScience (complexity & physics studies) institute asked the question how it was possible that similar scribbles where left on caves in pre-historic times, see this photo of their Tweet:
I answered their tweet that, as Kim Veltman explained in his book “The Alphabets of Life” the shamans communicated with each other by travels, but they all at night did see the same star formations above them, which they gave names and meanings, as shared mental patterns.

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