Digital Enlightenment

And… the best is yet to come when we learn to cooperate better online and get synergy for all contributors. Jaap van Till, Connectivist

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digital-blogIn today’s digital society, it is important to recognise the great changes we are witnessing. We are living through a unique period of global digital enlightenment; consider the ways in which global communications have rapidly developed in the first thirteen years of the new Millennium.

There are many great examples of this; in the year 2000, mobile penetration in Africa was fewer than 2%, but by early 2014 this figure will rise to over 63%. The rise of mobile broadband has been even more spectacular with growth rates of over 30% per year, making it the fastest growing technology in human history. By the end of 2013, ITU expects there to be almost 2.1 billion active mobile broadband subscriptions globally.

However, as our dependence on new technologies grows, we face new challenges and tensions, as is often discussed by the global media. Although ICTs increasingly enrich our lives, there are…

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  1. Evan Danko says:

    An awesome post! Looking forward for more articles from you! Bookmarked!

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