Can we afford NOT to have a fibre optic infrastructure?

This is a strong essay advocating that the National Fiber Optic INFRASTRUCTURE is a Long Term & General Interest issue that should be strategical governed by the national Government. Short term market forces and purely financial cost/yield companies and banks will not do. Society/economy value vs. shareholder value is the question. The first is the choice we have to make IMHO.
Jaap van Till, Connectivist

The ITU Blog

FibreOpticBlogFibre-based infrastructure requires vision and recognition of the fact that many of today’s social, economic and sustainability problems can only be solved with the assistance of ICTs. In many situations the capacity, robustness, security and quality necessary for this calls for fibre optic infrastructures. This need will increase dramatically over the next 5 to 10 years as industries and whole sectors (healthcare, energy, media, retail) carry out the process of transforming themselves in order to much better address the challenges ahead.

Most discussions regarding the need for fibre optic infrastructure take place from the wrong perspective – based on how fast people need the internet to be when they download their emails, web information, games and movies. Fibre optic technology has very little to do with this – ultimately all of that ‘residential’ traffic will account for less than 50% of all the traffic that will eventually flow over fibre…

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