The First Global Civil War – Lionel Dricot

Global civil war4

The following article, that first appeared in French, is re-blogged here with permission of its author Lionel Dricot ( @ploum on Twitter):

[ Manning, Snowden, Assange, Miranda, The Guardian. With each passing day, we receive confirmation of a truth that many would prefer to ignore: we are at war. An undeclared, relatively quiet war, but nonetheless a war.

Unlike a conventional war, a civil war has no well defined front, nor belligerents clearly identifiable by the color of their uniform. Each camp is everywhere, in the same city, the same area, or ​​the same family ]  Read further on:


Yes it is a generation conflict and (hopefully non-violent) power struggle which is part of a phase of transition between social-economic-political systems.


mesh_630 by John Hersey

In this transition Internet connectivity is becoming a vital “basic human need” for civilians of the Civil Society.

 Maslow2 2013-08-28


flocking head

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2 Responses to The First Global Civil War – Lionel Dricot

  1. Stofwolk says:

    Never before have I seen my own growing concerns so clearly and well formulated as in this article by mr.Dricot. Chapeau! Too few voters are aware of these dangers and look away from the secret agendas of their governments. More awareness is desperately needed!

  2. broodjejaap says:

    Remember: in a civil war real bullets are only going to fly if: one or both sides do not understand each others viewpoints (mental models) any more and then refuse to discuss and listens to each other’s arguments; neglect them or even suppress them and its messengers.

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