Researchers jump aboard Pica8’s OpenFlow switches as centralized management beckons

In fact OpenFlow (part of Software Defined Networks =SDN) does virtualize complex routers into simple decentral COTS routers and central flow control management in big data centres.
Google started this new trend by implementing OpenFlow in their worldwide network.

Jaap van till, connectivist


Longtime vendors might not want to admit it, but the OpenFlow protocol is turning out to be an important development in the world of networking. The latest evidence comes from Illinois, where 13 OpenFlow switches from scrappy networking startup Pica8 are empowering academics to more easily monitor their networks for security problems in real time and other functions.

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ended up deploying Pica8’s P-3290 switches because they support OpenFlow and because they boast 1-gigabit Ethernet. They could have gone with, say, Hewlett-Packard (s hpq) or NoviFlow, but they heard others saying positive things about Pica8, said Brighten Godfrey, an assistant professor at the university.

Godfrey and his colleagues at the university’s Ocean Cluster for Experimental Architectures in Networks have been running an application they call VeriFlow in their network to spot how a configuration change might affect the security of the rest…

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