Flat is the new up: Why are companies using organizational structures that are thousands of years old?

Connects very well with my thoughts on Tillting organizations into horizontal P2P connectivism Weavelets.
Jaap van Till, Connectivist


While most of us focus our attention on the technology and product innovation coming out of Silicon Valley, one of the most significant innovations of our time will come not from digital technology, but from the development of new ways of organizing ourselves to work together.

Despite radical advances in almost every aspect of technology and business over the past century, nearly every company in the Western world, from fledgling startup to global enterprise, still uses an organizational governance structure that was invented in the Industrial Age (and was a vestige of the Military Age before that). That is, a hierarchical, command-and-control structure with human “resources” expected to act as increasingly specialized, efficient cogs in a machine designed to do roughly the same thing over and over again.

A few pioneering companies are starting to experiment with abandoning these rigid old governing structures in favor of more dynamic ones that…

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