The Non-Violent Lithuanian Rebellion in 1991

The Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania became independent from the USSR by way of a very brave uprising of their populations. These uprisings inside the USSR played a big role in the eventual falling apart of the former Soviet Union.  How it was done and what happened in Lithuania (capital: Vilnius, now part of the EU) will be shown in a film for which crowdfunding is now on its way: see and click on the trailer of the film explaining the fundraising.

LIT 89

From the start the illegal organization defined all their actions in non-violent ways, which is much more clever and powerful than organizing street fights, which can be suppressed by government bullets. This and other similar power-takeovers from dictators in other countries inspired Gene Sharp (see the prize winning Film)  to write his famous “From Dictatorship to Democracy” (FDTD) handbook for bottom-up non violent resistance and rebellions. This was and is used all over the world.

The uprising in Lituania produced scarves to show membership in public rallies.

LIT 91

And they erected a statue in Vilnius depicting their Lady Liberty , with wings and on one arm the broken shackles free from prison and oppression. The students demonstrating in the Tienamen Square in 1989 had erected a very similar hand made statue for the Goddess of Democracy.

Lit liberty

The soviets did surround the parliament building and stormed the TV tower (textbook steps to counter a revolution) but they where unsuccessful in blocking telecommunication connectivity, kept open to the external world by my brave friends from Kaunas there. Through these connections they could get CNN to come and broadcast TV reports about the surrounding of the parliament, which stopped the soviets from going in by brute force., for all the world to see. So: connectivity is key !!

Jaap van Till, connectivist

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