Connecting with the Other

The three wizards I get the most daily inspiration and energy from, are strangely enough very outlier, black swan and mystic. But they speak to me with a rare wisdom and clarity:


A. Ryszard Kapuscinski read his Encountering the Other


B. Kahlil Gibran, he made drawings and wrote much more that the famous “the Prophet“,  full text online (name also written as Khalil Gibran).


C. Rumi, (Mohamed (D)Jalal ad-Din (or al-DinBalkhi Rumi) wizard and poet. His poems in the many books about him take my breath away. The source of his poetry and wisdom was his meeting with teacher Shams of Tabriz, see the story of the meeting of Rumi and Shams and their co-creation of shared visions.


There is a rumor that Rumi met Franciscus of Assisi, when they where both young somewhere at an inn in the North of Turkey. Franciscus, who later founded the christian monastic order of the Franciscans, the hero of new Pope Franciscus, cheated at cards, as recorded by Rumi’s biographers. The interesting thing about this encounter is that in the 13th century the whole area of the middle east was a melting pot of wise men and scholars from many religions (muslims, jews, christians, hindi, etc) and ethic rules (buddhism etc.) and they learned from each other without anyone claiming that they had THE one and only religion. Maybe we can reconnect again and start by being humble and listen to the others and share knowledge. There is so much we can learn.

Each of these three masters where not exactly fitting into or obedient to the priesthood vertical hierarchies of their time, respective: communist nomenclatura, dictators; christian monasteries in Lebanon; mullahs. Each of them celebrated LIFE and this precious moment.


‘Re-ligion’ is a latin expression meaning Re-Connect, not only with the Higher Spirit, but also with our inner self, Nature and with each other. I hope you will spread your wings and meet and/or connect with many others with light in their eyes.


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