C6 Transition from Crisis 2 A: Corridoria = The New Europe

As a follow up on my last blog “Transition from Crisis 2: The Transit Connectivity of Corridors” I have reconsidered my rough design of the booming string of mega-regions connected  through Europe, I called “Corridoria”. When looking at traffic patterns, twitter user movement, Google Earth night lights, and north south freight transport by truck , Internet backbone fibre lanes (see 2000 picture below) you can see that each of these is slightly different and has its one-sided flaws to be representing the true booming corridors. So I interpolated and extrapolated between these. As a result I present here the new “Corridoria” which will boost Europe’s prosperity:

Corridoria 2

This new picture will make a few more mayors/ maires/burgermeisters happy. But what is more important, it should be thoroughly research and improved to be able to be established more firmly, preferably I think with wat the MIT study referred to in my last blog calls: “based on people and the way we connect with eachother” best glimpsed from billions of mobile phone conversations between people. “Our interactions define new communities along these two “rivers”. I ask the EU to launch an in-depth study about these new transnational backbones.

As Prof. Butter from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam recently stated: New wealth and prosperity are based on low transaction costs supported by these conversations and ICT systems. These can be split in two kinds: (a) hard transactions about physical shipments of goods, information and services; and (b) soft transactions like legal arrangements, insurance, investment credit, special handling knowledge, educated installers etc etc. Douglass North, Nobel Prize winner economics in 1996, found that both kinds (low cost and reliable micro transaction costs, and well working broad Institutions) have been vital components in a number of “golden ages” in history, and sometimes hundreds of years of decline. These activities to get things moving and flowing are the real motor for the New Europe.

Another view that makes more sense to the idea of Corridors is the population density in Europe: (source ‘Packet Clearing House’ in OECD report about IX’s)

Popul density Europe

The red arrow signifies the shift of the “biggest Internet Exchange in Europe” from London –> Amsterdam –> Frankfurt. Visible is the trajectory of UK-NL-Ruhr-Bayern S-curve you can also see on the Corridoria map above. Below is a bad photo of a wall chart made in 2000 about the European optic fiber lanes for Internet etc. Hubs are  in the Internet Exchanges in London, Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt.

European Internet backbones 2000

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