What is ahead: Flocking iPads

This is what I expect to arrive anytime now: people who sit around a table and interconnect their online Apple Computer Ipad(mini) with the built in wireless Bluetooth 4.0. I have heard rumors that Apple has taken patents on software drivers for such “flocking”, but there is maple room for others to write Apps for such sessions.

To do what? Well it is obvious that such MultiTile setup can be used for schools, multiuser games, simulations, design sessions, meetings. In other words where the iPad is not a Personal Computer but a Cooperative View tool for a group or team.

An intermediary step towards that is what I already see myself and students do: open their laptop as well as their Ipad to lookup something while writing or studying.

In about every situation where boys and girls can look at the same view or different parts of something interesting that gives an overview of the total situation in zoomable detail.

Just imagine what this will do for creative productivity, P2P participation. The iPad’s can also be hung as a multiTile window with Velcro on the wall. The iPad mini is ideal to use in large numbers. All of my family members have iPad’s and I notice that my wife and her girlfriends start to sit around a table playing WordFeud. Imagine also what such “flocks” will do for bandwidth demand (need for FttH + inhouse LTE cell) and for Cloud uses.

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