Crocodile Alert in Austrian River (2012)

On August 23 2012 the following news alert was published (in Dutch) in the NL sensation newspaper “Telegraaf”:

Children swimming in the Austrian river Drau have spotted a crocodile, estimated length 2 meters, that came ashore and did bite in their cloths and shoes, later confirmed by biologists as being bitemarks of a croc. Also it left tail- and foottracks on the shore. So from now on it is ACHTUNG KROKODIL in Austria!!!   Nicht Cool :-(( On this photo the two frightened children show the bitemarks in their slippers:

Is this proof of the Global Warming in which African and mediterranian species migrate northward? I wonder if this is real or an urban myth like the “white crocs” rumoured to (have) lived in the NY sewers. I think that the writer Thomas Pynchon first published this story in the book “V”. He wrote that the crocodiles where washed through the toilet by parents who had bought the funny little crocs as pets for their children but did get rid of them after they started to bite while growing up. And the myth is that they had to send  hunters into the dark sewers to shoot them, where the crocs grew up white for lack of daylight. Are these Austrian crocs also dumped grownup pets??

Do we have to look out constantly for “pairs of eyes on woodlogs” approaching while we swim ? Or carry a big knife like Crocodile Dundee??

Notice that this newsitem contains at least two strong MEMES that give it fast and viral selfreplicating power through society: Children!!! and Life-threatening!!!

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