Direct To The Top

The iPhone and iPad has a very helpful and timesaving function, hidden to most of us. If you tap on the time shown on top of the screen the view on a list of things jumps directly to the topmost item (most recent addition).

So you do not have to swipe constantly or for minutes after you have been offline for a while. Examples are: Twitter timelines you follow that are constantly added on top with new posts, and the Instagram most recent “Your Feed” photo’s.

So “Tap Time” and you go directly to the top. Saves time for millions of us.

PS: Does anyone of you know a shortcut to the Bottom of a list on the iPad/iPhone?

PS2: With Thanks to a tweet by  Amy Neumann ‏@CharityIdeas @Lotay: Ten Tips Every iPhone and iPad User Should Know –  via @WSJ”   Which article in The Wall Street Journal shows a more complete (10) list of useful tricks.

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