Crisis of the Euro ??? Flash Mobs !!!

Message: the natives are getting restless, and neither ‘nation states’ nor banks are the answer to the crisis. Connected self sustaining local communities with P2P inter-dependencies is the way to go.

Lots of speculation in financial circles about wether or not Greece, Spain, Italy etc etc will be kicked out of the Euro currency group, since they seem not able to get their budgets right so it forces the rest of the countries to pay for their debts. So the question is will there be solidarity in the European area or will the “nation states” and their civilians insist in staying “independant”. This issue will also play a role in several upcoming elections, at least those in The Netherlands on September 20.

1. In my humble opinion these election slogans about “choice for Holland or Europa” , “Why pay for other countries” etc. is fake nationalism playing on fear for jobs and loss of prosperity during the economic crisis. The Netherlands is about the size of greater London and has about the same function as Hong Kong: harbor and switching node for goods and services with relations and transport links with cities and harbors all over Europe and the rest of the world. Rotterdam harbor area together with Antwerp are very very connected with Shanghai. The Chinese already for that reason own a large part of the logistics facilities in Rotterdam. How can the politicians fake that we are independant while we are so much connected and inter-dependant with the other city states in Europe, and our lorries deliver goods all over Europe?

2. In all the negotiations between national government finance ministers about the “Euro financial crisis”  one outcome is consistent: the big banks will eventualy loan money for the deficits, but at a price which make the banks richer who caused the crisis in the first place.

So the real struggle is the fight for power between the national finance ministers and the huge bank conglomerates, which are well interconnected but rotten to the core.  Here is a picture of the expected outcome:

3. At the same time the public is no longer loyal to the outdated nation states and their inward looking elites and regimes. In the Civil Society which is under construction people are loyal to their families, local friends and connect with weak ties with other co-operative groups via Internet offering services and locally made goods indepandant of time or distance but with shared interests and ideals which are not stopped at borders. And yes they do glue together, sometimes suddenly like the following cool Flash Mob demonstrations:

a. In Moskou :!

b. In a bank in Spain (Bankia)



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