Networked ‘Group Mind’ taxonomies

It is hard to keep up with the flood of excellent lectures and papers about local and global cooperation helped by internet communication to create value, wealth and a sustainable future for our kids and our planet. They seem to come in by the bucketful, maybe as a reaction to the failure of governments,  big corporation managers and banksters to continue growth or even facing decline and downsizing. Best remedy would be to give the huge incomes of the bankers to…. engineers and craftsmen&women. They know how to construct !! DO It Yourself (DIY) means you do not have to ask permission :-))

(1) Vernor Vinge, MUST SEE speech for the SingularityUniversity in California, which he helped to establish for Ray Kurzweil and his friends.

(2) Structure of the DIY Economy by Jean Russell  this schematic also clarifies the position of the wide variety various initiatives in the new network economy.

(3) Knowledge Creation in Groups: The Value of Cognitive Diversity, Transactive Memory and Open-mindedness Norms (2006)    (  Develops a comprehensive of the knowledge creation process in organisational work teams. Rebecca Mitchell and Stephen Nicolas.

(4) Collective Presencing: A New Human Capacity in the series of Kosmos (summer 2012) : Global Citizens Creating the New Civilisation Collective presencing Baeck-Beeth by Ria Baeck and Helen Tichen Beeth.

The Singularity must be near. Will you be present as part of the Group Mind of Gaia’s global brain beyond the asymptoth?

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