Info Should Flow: Power is in the Links !!

Everything in the universe is DUAL (exists in pairs, like light & dark, magnetic North & South, spin down & spin up) except The One, called Allah in the Muslim religion and God in the Christian religion, who is everywhere at the same time. The Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinosa’s central thesis was that in Reality only one substance exists: God that is Nature (Deus sive Natura), everywhere and in all things, so also in our mind as well as our body.

The opening chapter of the Bible, Genesis, described that during the start of creation God split everything into dual parts. In Physics we know about bosons and fermions, with a number of pairwise symmetric subparticles, and even the Majorana particle, recently detected in Delft, exists in pairs on nanowires.

The new scientific field of Network Dynamics describe networks also in pairs of “vertices” & “edges”, which mathematical terms are better known in layman terms as “nodes” & “links”.

One of the present trends, driven in part by Network Dynamic analysis, is that instead of concentrating in politics, economy or science on the nodes (centres, information, databases, records, books, work of art) the attention is shifting to their dual: THE LINKS are suddenly centre stage. Even in Nature it is obvious that “Everything wants to be Connected (Renan’s Law). It is relevant that Google for instance does not store the popularity of an internet location of data but rather the number of links between that and other info sources.

Not content is king but the possibility to link data with other “info objects” to re-use it and combine and inter-relate is as prof. Lawrence Lessig (see , explains again and again to the copyright (IPR) exploiters groups, like BREIN in the Netherlands, who put up a hopeless & useless fight, who are still trying to fight the Internet natural capabilities.

Information must FLOW, in order to be useful and be shared for cooperation and value creation. Massive movements of young connectivist people start to appear who organize to safeguard the open accessibility of data and its movement on networks, among other things. The Pirate Parties in Europe and the G500 youth movement in The Netherlands (slogan: CONNECT and innovate) are examples of this. They start to move politics,  have seen the future and they know: The Power is in the Links, stupid !!!

I hope for you that you are ‘well connected’.  Jaap van Till, connectivist.

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2 Responses to Info Should Flow: Power is in the Links !!

  1. Kathleen says:

    Somewhat like the way the brain functions… duh.

    • broodjejaap says:

      You are absolutely right. This is the very thing which is part of my present research project: intelligent cooperative structures which work similar to the human brain.
      But, nobody yet seems to know REALLY how brainfunctions work, do you Kathleen???

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