People WANT to Create

Not only want people to create, they turn out to be remarkably creative , full of humour and able to invent ingenous new views on things or interesting combinations.

You all know YouTube and Flickr, but there are other powerful online& smartphone platform tools appearing that produce sometimes professional results from mere amateurs, like me. And in my book AMATEUR is a honourable title !!

For instance since its start I have been active on InstaGram, now not only for iPhones and iPads but also for Android devices. About 25 million people produce, enhance and share pictures taken with their smartphone there and they are judged by other contribuants and ranked on a popular list. My contributions are there under @jaapvtill

Another such creative results site is, as yet only for iPhone and iPad, on which you can process a videofilm you made in such a way that the result is a picture with a small part which moves. For the geeks, it are multilayer .GIF’s. from “unknown user”  (PS I can raise one eyebrow at a time, can you??)

Yes, sure people want to show off their skills, but also a lot of real professionals show their work too and we all learn from eachother so that new Craftspeople will arise which will surprise us all. Wonderful and magic !!!

(i So I am sure YOU will raise your eyebrows too, from the things you will see on internet !)

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